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QuickMOOC.com offers courses in any number of fascinating subjects beginning with developing the  K-12 Learning Commons.

The current short courses are:

  • The Physical Learning Commons: by David V. Loertscher and Carol Koechlin is a Quick Idea Community for Transforming the School Library into a Physical Learning Commons. Together, we investigate the transformation of a traditional storage and circulation space into a vibrant and collaborative learning space. It is a place where learners and teachers work with teacher librarians and other professional staff in a very flexible and high tech environment. This QuickMOOC is designed for pre-service teacher librarians, current professional teacher librarians and teacher technologists, and groups doing professional development together. This QuickMOOC is NOW FREE!!!
  • Makerspaces in School and Public Libraries: by David v. Loertscher, Leslie Preddy and Bill Derry. An Introduction. Spend a couple of hours exploring the idea of a makerspace wherekids, teens, and adults build, create, invent,   and explore ideas or projects they are passionate about.   There are lots of ideas here that other librarians have tried, the types of makerspaces that work well in a library setting, tips and ideas for getting started, and lots of conversation. $10 per person. Available from LMC Source.com
  • Personal Learning Environments by Marc Crompton, teacher librarian, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. This free short course has been created for teens who are learning to use the Internet to come into command of their own learning.  Here they will learn how to construct the four parts of a personal learning environment or PLE: A portal that is their personal gateway into digital space, their personal learning network where they connect and communicate with experts around the world, their public and private portfolio where they keep  the items they have created and exhibit to the world those they want the public to see, and a workspace where they construct  and do assignments and work on projects they are passionate about. In this learning experience they can explore, comment, and create a PLE that works for them and helps them become good digital citizens. This Quickmooc can be accessed by using the following username and password: Username: audit; Password: winter2014
  • Learning Commons and Makerspaces in Libraries: A Beginner’s Guide is a course developed by the students in the Information School at San Jose State University under the direction of Dr. David Loertscher.  It explores the relationship between the Learning Commons model and Makerspaces and is chalk full of great resources and discussion.  Best of all, it is FREE to access and participate.


Topics under construction:

  • Maker Spaces in Schools and Libraries
  • Co-Teaching: Classroom teachers Teaming with Teacher Librarians and Teacher Technologists by David V. Loertscher and Carol Koechlin
  • Personal Learning Environments: Learners of All Ages Come into Command of Their Own Learning
  • Assessment of Teacher Librarians
  • Children’ Library Area Design by Beth Wren Estes
  • Building a Community of Readers—Literacy Events by Sharon McElmeel


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